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Files on the Dark Syndicate

They watch us. We watch them.

Dark Syndicate
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This is a great place to point out the shortcomings and stupid decisions/policies of corporations, noteworthy individuals, and even governments. If a company is doing something massively stupid or evil that impacts quality of life, or you have a bad experience with some business rep or government official, LET US KNOW! If you see a stupid law or political/government development that you *must* rant about, POST IT! This is the place to let it out. Pissed off? Fine! Vent here and get info, maybe even a remedy or a solution.

We're anti-everything-that's-wrong-with-the-world! With a strong anti-bullshit slant.

Maybe if enough people see how insane this crap is, someone will eventually get around to doing something about it!